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Mindfulness Technique 1




Mindfulness Technique
We like to consider mindfulness as the act of being aware of what you are doing, where you are and how you are at the present point in time. The ability to be mindful is a state of being that can move us towards enlightenment. Once we are mindful, we began to alter our actions, which has the result of altering the world around us. One of the techniques that we can use is built around the awareness of what we say to others and how we say it. For this technique we strive to be mindful as we speak to others and we must think to ourselves the following about the conversation at this point in time ....

• How does this conversation make me feel
• Is this conversation productive
• Will I walk away a better person
• Have I damaged myself with this conversation
• Have I damaged others with this conversation
• Did I elevate myself & mind with this conversation
• Did I elevate anyone else with this conversation

If your conversation is filled with Negation and void of Affirmation, then maybe it is time to end the conversation or even better reboot the conversation into one that is positive!


The Wilderness Enlightenment School

"Enlightenment is not a Destination, but a Path"!

The Wilderness Enlightenment School

Organic Tea Benefits



When we speak of tea, we are not talking about "Lipton's Instant Tea. We are talking about One hundred percent organic tea that does not have chemicals, pesticides, and is GMO Free. Organic tea requires less quantity when used but offers the same intense taste. When we select tea, we are looking for a food/medicine that is still "Alive" and not 'Dead". Foods that have been improperly harvested, stored and/or prepared have lost much of its nutritional and medical value. The best option for your tea, will be those that you have grown yourself. The second best, will be those from other local growers. The third will be those grown and distributed by people who care about their well being and yours.

Preparing tea is very simple and involves steeping the tea in boiling water, and adding a tea spoon of honey to your cup. Some people prefer their tea unaltered and enjoy the taste without honey. Honey, Lemon and other Herbs & Spices have their place and go beyond a simple taste preference.

Benefits of Organic Tea

  • warms you to the core
  • aids in digestion
  • aids in weight loss
  • removes mucus
  • builds immune system
  • promotes healing freshens breath
  • clears skin
  • energizes
  • diuretic effect
  • hydrates
  • balances pH levels
  • gives you a reason to socialize

While we are sipping on warm tea (Not hot) we should take the time to reflect upon the taste. We can reflect upon the after taste that it leaves in your mouth and attempt to describe it with words. Lastly, we can reflect upon how this warm substance feels as it works its way down our throat and into our system. The idea that this tea was grown and harvested and with all of the variables was able to find its way into your cup. It does not have to stop there, because we can do the same thing with the honey, and the lemon and the cup. All of this makes for a very mindful and health provoking experience.



"Let your Food be your Medicine & let your Medicine be your Food!

The Wilderness Enlightenment School

The Wilderness Enlightenment School

Inner Furnace


     The human body has within it a tiny sun, a chemical/mechanical ball of energy that I like to call the "Inner Furnace". This inner furnace gives us as humans the ability to generate more heat to match our external environment just like a pot belly stove. Several things are needed in order to accomplish this action. one is the efficiency of the digestive system, the second is how physically fit one is, the third is the mental strength of the person, and the fourth is your spiritual state (you ability to tap-in). Of course genetics come in to play but that is not something that we can control, nor is it something that we should be concerned with at this point. The inability to generate heat from the Inner Furnace is an indicator of how weak one has become in one or more of these areas. Since the activities of The Wilderness Enlightenment School are performed outdoors, the ability to raise the temperature of our"Inner Fire" is an ability that must be developed to its highest level. Frequent outings will increase ones mental strength and in turn our mental strength increases physical strength. This positive reaction continues on as a healthy cycle of personal development. We can look at is as a snowball rolling down hill and gather more snow as it progresses. The larger the snowball is, the more snow it is capable of gathering!

If after thirty minutes of walking in temperatures above twenty-five degrees one fails to heat themselves, then a health assessment must be performed.

  • Am I eating fresh, organic foods in a balanced manner?
  • Am I hydrated
  • Am I dressed properly?
  • Is medication inhibiting my bodily functions


     We need exercises that work our entire body and strengthen not just our muscles, tendons and ligaments. Because we are striving to be a "whole being" we need to perform exercises that strengthen us as a "whole"! Our selection of exercises should also be useful in our everyday lives and will allow us to move with more grace, agility and have a full range of motion. Select variations of body-weight squats, pull-ups, muscle-ups, push-ups, leg lifts, dips and related exercises. Practice lifting odd shaped objects and walking on uneven terrain and other activities that are awkward, because this will force our brain to become adaptive. As we select these exercises, we can ask ourselves this question, would I rather be able to walk up one flight of stairs with a hundred pounds or a hundred flights of stairs with one pound?


Our "Inner Furnace" is just like the pot belly stove or the Sun that we discussed earlier, in that they all need high quality fuel. Quality fuel must be offered to our "whole being" and these quality foods must be "God Foods" that at one point grew, swam, flew, or ran. God food does not come in a Styrofoam box and we must consider these thing nothing more than edibles. Wood bark is edible, but it is not food to use as divine beings that are on the path of enlightenment. We must also concern ourselves less with the concept of quantity and more with the concept of quality. Counting calories and measuring put protein is not the path. We must tune into our body and learn to listen to our bodies so that we can adjust what we are putting into out bodies. As we consume these quality foods we must be thankful for the plants and animals that made it possible for us to extend our existence. This means eating with a spirit of gratitude as we sit with others who have arrived at the same conclusion. Sit and enjoy your food as you allow positive thoughts and images to flow past your minds eye. Your Inner Furnace aka Internal Sun will thank you and reward you for your offering!


   We must "Tap-In" and become one with "The All" that some call, Nature, The Universe and/or God. All things are apart of God and God is apart of all things, and by immersing ourselves in nature, we began to tap into the primordial relationship that exist between all life that is, has been and will ever be! "Tapping In" is like any other activity that must be mastered through repetition as we can not expect to become one with nature the very first time we walk outside anymore than we can expect to master the martial arts after one class! We must stay in a constant state of practice through the use of proper breathing exercises, meditation, mindfulness, food diet, fasting, respecting our ancestors, fasting and prayer. After we consciously decide to start walking in our light and on our own personal path, we will see the weeks months and years pass by and we will become so in tuned and and achieve such a level of oneness that we will marvel at how we ever existed in our previous state.


The Wilderness Enlightenment School

"Enlightenment is not a Destination, but a Path"!

Wilderness Enlightenment School

Time, Direction and Distance



The ability to know where your are and how to get to where you would like to be are fundamental skills of not only in the wilderness but in life itself. The success of an individual is based upon this concept, but this cannot be accomplished without the proper tools and the proper knowledge. At all times and in all places hints on how to live a balances life is all around us, and all we have to do to tape into this infinite knowledge is slow down, clear our mind and observe the natural world around us. Once we clear our minds of clutter it is easier to notice the subtleties and change our actions, and as we change our actions it is easier to clear our minds. We are at all times seeking to create a positive upward spiral in a illusionary world that thrives on negative downward spirals.  When we are out and about we do not follow a paper map, because our goal is not to mimic the establish path of others. Instead it is to blaze our own path and create our own map, path and legacy. This applies to the wilderness and life itself.

How to use an analog watch to find direction

  • Hold the watch flat in the palm of your hand
  • Rotate the watch until the hour hand points to the sun
  • Halfway between the hour hand and twelve o’clock is South

The reason that we bisect the time is due to the fact that we are using a watch based on twelve hours. In other words, the hour hand must rotate twice in order to represent a twenty four four day.

Judging Distance

Accurately determining distance in the wilderness is based on two variables that we rarely have together. These two variables are known size and known distance, without the know size of an object we can not quickly determine how far it is it is from our current position. The second variable that is needed is distance because without a known distance we cannot quickly determine the size. If we are looking across a field that is one thousand yards wide and see a tree stump in the middle of the field we will need one variable to determine the other. If we do not know how wide the field is, or have information on the tree stump we cannot accurately guess either. As we began to explore and take on larger and larger challenges, we will see how this becomes important. Another variable that makes judging distance difficult is the mirage and limited visibility due to precipitation ie. fog, rain, snow etc ... When our visibility is limited and we are driven to continue exploring and challenging ourselves we must control those things which are under our control. We must be properly supplied along with being prepared mentally and physically to endure any human errors in judgement. Lastly, If we do not honestly feel that we pack the gear (mental or physical) to complete a trek across harsh terrain under harsh conditions then we must choose a different option. Sometimes that option is to stay put and at other times that option is to "wait it out".


  • Be mindful that we are all hiking our own hike, and living our own life.
  • Nature provide tools that we need, if we only tap into it.
  • Use the technology that you have at hand at your disposal to assist you.
  • Use your intellect to overcome the world around you.
  • Remember that You are a part of Nature and Nature is a part of You

Motto = "Get Out & Stay Out"