The tomahawk is the most versatile edged tool that can be carried in the wilderness. After using a hatchet for many years, some woodsmen have asked me why I transitioned to a tomahawk? Let me state that I have found the hatchet to be the superior wood "splitter" and if you goal is to "split" wood then you have found the best portable tool for that purpose. If however you need to do more than split small and medium size fuel, than a tomahawk is going to be a very strong option.

The major reasons that I moved away from the hatchet and towards the tomahawk is because it allowed me to achieve the following three things ...

  • 1st  Custom tomahawks are made from higher quality material and retains an edge longer.
    2nd Custom tomahawks are lighter weight than any of "my" hatchets
    3rd  Custom tomahawks like 2Hawks is a custom made yet functional work of art
  • 4th  The tomahawk in general is better suited for heavy and detailed cutting task than a hatchet


If you are a trapper that must create traps, snares and/or deadfalls while out in the field, a hunter, a builder or simply spend a lot of time with a cutting tool than a tomahawk is a realistic option. For my needs I find that a well made tomahawk is far more versatile for crafting in the bush that a hatchet. For some strange reason, I was under the impression that crafting is what one did and hence the name bush craft. With that in mind , I must add that if your goal is to simply process wood, than I suggest a hatchet, axe or maul. You will never know what the best edged tool is for your needs until you spend at least twenty-four hours with it. Once you are comfortable with your tomahawk, then it is time to be creative and use your own imagination to fit the tool to your own needs.

As members of the Wilderness Enlightenment School make our way into the reality known as nature, we often need to shape a small part of this reality to better fit our needs. Since we as humans can not simply sleep on damp ground or survive extreme temperatures, we must use edged tools to accomplish this reshaping. There are several concepts that that we must keep in mind or we will find ourselves deviating from the path.We must be just as mindful of what we are not as we are of mindful of what we are! We are not lumberjacks or builders of permanent shelter and the changes that we make should be very subtle. The land should easily recover and return to its wilderness state within weeks or depending on the environment months.

As we seek out acceptable places to meditate, ground or observe we must ask ourselves .....

  • Where will I sit myself & my equipment
  • Where will I eat
  • How will I cook my food
  • How will I stay dry
  • How will I stay cool or warm
  • How will I prepare this meal made from nature

After we have established our objectives, it is time to decide upon a course of action and choose which tools are best suited to fulfill our needs. In conjunction with your edged tool, saw, and cordage, we must use our intellect to transform our reality outside to match our reality inside!


The Wilderness Enlightenment School

"Enlightenment is not a Destination, but a Path"!

The Wilderness Enlightenment School

Mindfulness Technique




God Made Foods vs Man Made Foods
     When we sit down to eat, we can can assist our body in optimizing our foods by practicing mindfulness. Very often we allow ourselves to be rushed through our meals by the desires of others. As we are eating we stress over someone else's problem who is note even around and is most likely sitting down quietly enjoying their own meal. What is even sadder is that the entire meal we are consuming under less than ideal circumstances is "dead food". I say “Dead” as in containing little or no nutritional value. Much of what the so called modern man eats is “Man Made Foods” instead of “God Made Foods” that are fresh, organic and locally grown. If we can maintain a state of mindfulness while selecting our foods and while consuming our foods we can assist our bodies in optimizing the nutrition stored within. Below is a technique that can assist in maintaining a state of mindfulness.

  • Remember that your body is your temple
  • Eat with a sense of gratitude
  • Take the time to sit while eating and after eating
  • Chew slowly and completely
  • Do not engage in activity that causes the mind discomfort

After two or three weeks of mindful eating, you will began to notice

  • The ability to taste subtle changes in your food
  • That your require less food
  • That you are less hunger
  • That you have less digestive problems
  • Better breath
  • That you have a greater sense of self control & well being

Remember “God Food” does not come in a plastic wrapper or Styrofoam tray!


The Wilderness Enlightenment School

"Let your Food be your Medicine & let your medicine be your Food"!

The Wilderness Enlightenment School

Mindfulness Technique 2


This mindfulness technique is directed towards those of us that have a busy and hectic lifestyle and often feel overwhelmed, stressed or anxious. It is designed to remove negative energy that manifest into thoughts. These negative thoughts have an adverse affect on the physiological and physiological centers of our being. This energy must be allowed to dissipate like steam from our consciousness if we ever expect to have a good nights sleep and a healthy and productive life. Very often we feel forced to address an issue or rushed into making an final decision, but this is all an illusion. Below is a technique that I and others have found useful in removing negative thoughts from our mind.

It should be noted that the least favorable time to make a decision is when you are tired and/or at bed time. Our minds are exhausted and need to recharge, so below are some simple steps to assist in achieve a peaceful and balance mind …
1. Tell yourself that the thought can wait until tomorrow
2. Write down the thought and then attempt to sleep.
3. Allow the thoughts to roll past your mind’s eye. Allow these thoughts to play like a movie and simply view the screen. View the screen without any
attachment or opinion whatsoever. The last thing we do before bed affects how peacefully we will sleep. Watching mock drama on television, listening to sports debates and viewing the news are very disturbing to the subconscious mind. Instead sit down with a warm cup of tea as you read a book, or listen to calming music. At some point during the evening set aside time to meditate if only for five minutes.


The Wilderness Enlightenment School

Enlightenment is not a Destination, but a Path!

The Wilderness Enlightenment School

Organic Oils




Natural Oils & Soaps

Nature gives us everything that we need in one form or another and skin care is no exception. Through the use of organic oils based on our body type, we can improve the health of our largest organ, the skin. Most of us with a Western mind enjoy the use of lotions. We use the lotions by washing with a solid detergent that we call soap. This removes the natural oils from our skin, which we attempt to replace with a water based lotion. The drawback to this failed technique is that every couple hours we find ourselves reapplying lotion.

A better technique is to …
• Take a small amount of oil into the shower with you
• Massage your face and scalp with oil, followed by washing with liquid soap
then rinse.
• Massage your body in sections with oil followed by washing with liquid soap
then rinse.
• Get out of the shower and pat yourself dry
• Take note of the supple feeling that your skin has throughout the day.
• Sesame, Olive, Avocado, Grape Seed are some of the popular massage oils.


The Wilderness Enlightenment School

"Nature gives you all that you need"!