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Cooking - Waxed Cover add-on



As time passes we find that we have spent extended amounts of time in the wilderness and within this time frame we have learn many truths. One of these truths is that we must eat and to eat requires cookware, and cookware requires fire and fire combined with wood creates soot! So here we are leaning back against a tree with our bellies full, a smile on our face as we reflect upon the meal with a sense of gratitude. At some point however we must leave this peaceful state of existence and tidy up our area, clean our cookware and pack our gear . Leaving means gathering up our cookware, cups and bowls and cleaning them. We can clean the inside of our the pots with leaves and/or moss and then rinse them with water. Rinse and rinse some more but the outside of those pots and pans may have a layer of soot. Since the time has come to leave, most of us will shove that pot inside of our packs and head on to our next destination. Once we arrive we have soot and sap residue on the inside of our pack and gear. The solution is straight forward and well known, you make or purchase a waxed canvas cover for your pot!


  • A waxed canvas cover will ....
    Keep your backpack clean and extend its life !
    Keep your clothing and gear clean
  • Allow you to create an organized kit!
  • Reduce the noise created by your pack!
    Reduce loss of gear!


Tip: For the price of a Zippo lighter, you can purchase enough wooden matches to last you all year. These matches can be kept dry by being stored in a small waxed canvas pouch!

When we finally do sit down to eat, it is important to be mindful of what it took to be able to enjoy the meal that is in front of us. For those that are meat eaters, this means that an animal was sacrificed in order for you to live. It is only right that we are mindful of this and respectful. The plants that we are eating no longer exist in their former state and even though plants do not bleed they too were once alive. Cooking outdoors gives us the opportunity to experience first hand some of the difficulty our ancestors had to overcome each time they prepared a meal. In today's so-called modern world where everything is instant or already waiting for us, cooking over hot coals is a humbling experience. So as we eat, let us take a moment before, during and after the meal to be grateful for what we have.


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