Food Grade Steel



Why I moved from Plastic to food grade steel
The reason for this change is obvious, it is that we have been "Paying for Poison"! Not only have we willingly been "Paying for Poison", but we are so confused that we will thank the person that sold us the poison and tell our friends to buy the filth before "it" is all gone! This is the sad and addictive mental state of the masses within the Western world and this mental illness is getting worse. After being exposed to the warnings of scientist, health experts and those with an interest in maintaining their health, I was convinced. With these overwhelming facts, I believe that the time has come for all of those seeking Enlightenment to switch from plastic to a ceramic, glass, steel, terracotta, wood or any substance that is not poisonous. As painful and inconvenient as it may be for us, our life and the life of our families depends upon the switch. We see the damage it has caused us in the form or a non functioning penal gland, slow thought process, poor health, addictive personalities, weak willed individuals with limited spiritual awareness.
Have you ever wondered why three out of four people in the Western Worlds are on drugs? It does not matter if the drugs come from a street corner, a doctor, fast food bucket, or a plastic bottle, the Western being is heavily drugged! Almost everyone we know is on a harmful drug, with devastating side effects, weather they are willing to admit it or not. Have you noticed the breast on children as young as five years of age? Western boys and girls have breast these days and its not just because they are fat! Its because the food they eat, the water they drink, the toys they touch are releasing hormones into their developing brains and organs.
The solutions are direct, simple, easy ....

·         Stop eating fast food

·         Stop eating from plastic

·         Stop drinking from plastic

·         Exercise outside

·         Meditate

·         Pray

·         Fast

·         Grow your own

·         Get off Fakebook

·         Breath

·         Question everything

·         Think for yourself


Stop = Most religions ask that you do something, but Universal Laws concerning your health ask that you don't do something, It ask that you do not poison yourself!

Exercise = Perform your exercises outside in the fresh air and sunshine as often as possible. Don't wait for the time to exercise, take it and claim it time!

Meditate = Reflect deeply upon what you see, hear, taste and feel and you will develop your mind beyond what you ever thought possible.

Pray = Recognize a higher existence, recognize a higher existence for those that came before you, recognize a higher existence beyond anything you have been told or imagined.

Fast = Abstain from food, anger, negative thoughts and actions for extended periods of time and what your spiritual being blossom like a lotus flower.

Grow = Growing your own food, is like printing your own money. Growing your own food may be the most empowering thing you ever do in your entire life.

Get Off = Get off the chair, get off your butt and get of social media. Its not real anyway, so don't waste your limited time resource engaged in fantasy land.

Breath = Practice your breathing exercises throughout the day. One can practice them to achieve a deep and restful state of sleep, and practice them to remove stress, pain and anxiety.

Question = Question everything that you have ever been taught about the mind, the physical and your spiritual health! Ask why

Think = Think for yourself, don't just repeat the half baked ideas of others. Feel empowered to create your own ideas and reshape the world around you.



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