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God Made Foods vs Man Made Foods
     When we sit down to eat, we can can assist our body in optimizing our foods by practicing mindfulness. Very often we allow ourselves to be rushed through our meals by the desires of others. As we are eating we stress over someone else's problem who is note even around and is most likely sitting down quietly enjoying their own meal. What is even sadder is that the entire meal we are consuming under less than ideal circumstances is "dead food". I say “Dead” as in containing little or no nutritional value. Much of what the so called modern man eats is “Man Made Foods” instead of “God Made Foods” that are fresh, organic and locally grown. If we can maintain a state of mindfulness while selecting our foods and while consuming our foods we can assist our bodies in optimizing the nutrition stored within. Below is a technique that can assist in maintaining a state of mindfulness.

  • Remember that your body is your temple
  • Eat with a sense of gratitude
  • Take the time to sit while eating and after eating
  • Chew slowly and completely
  • Do not engage in activity that causes the mind discomfort

After two or three weeks of mindful eating, you will began to notice

  • The ability to taste subtle changes in your food
  • That your require less food
  • That you are less hunger
  • That you have less digestive problems
  • Better breath
  • That you have a greater sense of self control & well being

Remember “God Food” does not come in a plastic wrapper or Styrofoam tray!


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"Let your Food be your Medicine & let your medicine be your Food"!