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Natural Oils & Soaps

Nature gives us everything that we need in one form or another and skin care is no exception. Through the use of organic oils based on our body type, we can improve the health of our largest organ, the skin. Most of us with a Western mind enjoy the use of lotions. We use the lotions by washing with a solid detergent that we call soap. This removes the natural oils from our skin, which we attempt to replace with a water based lotion. The drawback to this failed technique is that every couple hours we find ourselves reapplying lotion.

A better technique is to …
• Take a small amount of oil into the shower with you
• Massage your face and scalp with oil, followed by washing with liquid soap
then rinse.
• Massage your body in sections with oil followed by washing with liquid soap
then rinse.
• Get out of the shower and pat yourself dry
• Take note of the supple feeling that your skin has throughout the day.
• Sesame, Olive, Avocado, Grape Seed are some of the popular massage oils.


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