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Mindfulness Technique
We like to consider mindfulness as the act of being aware of what you are doing, where you are and how you are at the present point in time. The ability to be mindful is a state of being that can move us towards enlightenment. Once we are mindful, we began to alter our actions, which has the result of altering the world around us. One of the techniques that we can use is built around the awareness of what we say to others and how we say it. For this technique we strive to be mindful as we speak to others and we must think to ourselves the following about the conversation at this point in time ....

• How does this conversation make me feel
• Is this conversation productive
• Will I walk away a better person
• Have I damaged myself with this conversation
• Have I damaged others with this conversation
• Did I elevate myself & mind with this conversation
• Did I elevate anyone else with this conversation

If your conversation is filled with Negation and void of Affirmation, then maybe it is time to end the conversation or even better reboot the conversation into one that is positive!


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