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Organic Tea Benefits



When we speak of tea, we are not talking about "Lipton's Instant Tea. We are talking about One hundred percent organic tea that does not have chemicals, pesticides, and is GMO Free. Organic tea requires less quantity when used but offers the same intense taste. When we select tea, we are looking for a food/medicine that is still "Alive" and not 'Dead". Foods that have been improperly harvested, stored and/or prepared have lost much of its nutritional and medical value. The best option for your tea, will be those that you have grown yourself. The second best, will be those from other local growers. The third will be those grown and distributed by people who care about their well being and yours.

Preparing tea is very simple and involves steeping the tea in boiling water, and adding a tea spoon of honey to your cup. Some people prefer their tea unaltered and enjoy the taste without honey. Honey, Lemon and other Herbs & Spices have their place and go beyond a simple taste preference.

Benefits of Organic Tea

  • warms you to the core
  • aids in digestion
  • aids in weight loss
  • removes mucus
  • builds immune system
  • promotes healing freshens breath
  • clears skin
  • energizes
  • diuretic effect
  • hydrates
  • balances pH levels
  • gives you a reason to socialize

While we are sipping on warm tea (Not hot) we should take the time to reflect upon the taste. We can reflect upon the after taste that it leaves in your mouth and attempt to describe it with words. Lastly, we can reflect upon how this warm substance feels as it works its way down our throat and into our system. The idea that this tea was grown and harvested and with all of the variables was able to find its way into your cup. It does not have to stop there, because we can do the same thing with the honey, and the lemon and the cup. All of this makes for a very mindful and health provoking experience.



"Let your Food be your Medicine & let your Medicine be your Food!

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