The Wilderness Enlightenment School

Inner Furnace


     The human body has within it a tiny sun, a chemical/mechanical ball of energy that I like to call the "Inner Furnace". This inner furnace gives us as humans the ability to generate more heat to match our external environment just like a pot belly stove. Several things are needed in order to accomplish this action. one is the efficiency of the digestive system, the second is how physically fit one is, the third is the mental strength of the person, and the fourth is your spiritual state (you ability to tap-in). Of course genetics come in to play but that is not something that we can control, nor is it something that we should be concerned with at this point. The inability to generate heat from the Inner Furnace is an indicator of how weak one has become in one or more of these areas. Since the activities of The Wilderness Enlightenment School are performed outdoors, the ability to raise the temperature of our"Inner Fire" is an ability that must be developed to its highest level. Frequent outings will increase ones mental strength and in turn our mental strength increases physical strength. This positive reaction continues on as a healthy cycle of personal development. We can look at is as a snowball rolling down hill and gather more snow as it progresses. The larger the snowball is, the more snow it is capable of gathering!

If after thirty minutes of walking in temperatures above twenty-five degrees one fails to heat themselves, then a health assessment must be performed.

  • Am I eating fresh, organic foods in a balanced manner?
  • Am I hydrated
  • Am I dressed properly?
  • Is medication inhibiting my bodily functions


     We need exercises that work our entire body and strengthen not just our muscles, tendons and ligaments. Because we are striving to be a "whole being" we need to perform exercises that strengthen us as a "whole"! Our selection of exercises should also be useful in our everyday lives and will allow us to move with more grace, agility and have a full range of motion. Select variations of body-weight squats, pull-ups, muscle-ups, push-ups, leg lifts, dips and related exercises. Practice lifting odd shaped objects and walking on uneven terrain and other activities that are awkward, because this will force our brain to become adaptive. As we select these exercises, we can ask ourselves this question, would I rather be able to walk up one flight of stairs with a hundred pounds or a hundred flights of stairs with one pound?


Our "Inner Furnace" is just like the pot belly stove or the Sun that we discussed earlier, in that they all need high quality fuel. Quality fuel must be offered to our "whole being" and these quality foods must be "God Foods" that at one point grew, swam, flew, or ran. God food does not come in a Styrofoam box and we must consider these thing nothing more than edibles. Wood bark is edible, but it is not food to use as divine beings that are on the path of enlightenment. We must also concern ourselves less with the concept of quantity and more with the concept of quality. Counting calories and measuring put protein is not the path. We must tune into our body and learn to listen to our bodies so that we can adjust what we are putting into out bodies. As we consume these quality foods we must be thankful for the plants and animals that made it possible for us to extend our existence. This means eating with a spirit of gratitude as we sit with others who have arrived at the same conclusion. Sit and enjoy your food as you allow positive thoughts and images to flow past your minds eye. Your Inner Furnace aka Internal Sun will thank you and reward you for your offering!


   We must "Tap-In" and become one with "The All" that some call, Nature, The Universe and/or God. All things are apart of God and God is apart of all things, and by immersing ourselves in nature, we began to tap into the primordial relationship that exist between all life that is, has been and will ever be! "Tapping In" is like any other activity that must be mastered through repetition as we can not expect to become one with nature the very first time we walk outside anymore than we can expect to master the martial arts after one class! We must stay in a constant state of practice through the use of proper breathing exercises, meditation, mindfulness, food diet, fasting, respecting our ancestors, fasting and prayer. After we consciously decide to start walking in our light and on our own personal path, we will see the weeks months and years pass by and we will become so in tuned and and achieve such a level of oneness that we will marvel at how we ever existed in our previous state.


The Wilderness Enlightenment School

"Enlightenment is not a Destination, but a Path"!