In an effort to maintain unspoiled wilderness of Western Maryland, one of the mandatory request from “The Wilderness Enlightenment School” is to NOT bring plastic bottles. We have noticed that as we walk along trails and the areas frequented by day hikers, one can follow a trail of plastic bottles, plastic lids, Styrofoam cups, trail bar wrappers and other disposable containers. If we truly seek to enjoy nature, maintain its balance and preserve it for future generations, then we must all do our part. With this in mind, I ask that all Nature Lovers that travel with “The Wilderness Enlightenment School” to leave your disposable plastic bottles at home. I suggest that you purchase a stainless steel water bottle instead, but if you do not have one we will loaners that can be used for the duration of the trip. If a young Nature Lover does not have a stainless steel water bottle, we will do everything in our power to donate one to that person.

Our Motto is “Get Out, and Stay Out!